“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Theodore Roosevelt



Coaching is a personal relationship, is authentic and true.

Coaching is profound because it goes beneath the surface of life into feelings, emotions, beliefs, desires, possibilities, fears, visions, ideas…the important stuff that we know, but we usually do not have enough time to explore and live.

Coaching is time spent with the REAL YOU…the most important person of your life.

I am wildly passionate about Transformation Coaching AND I am equally passionate about freeing people from past patterns and limiting beliefs. Lucky for me, these two passions play together perfectly. Up to one moment of my life I thought that science background showed me real facts that were enough to understand the meaning of living . Coaching showed me what pursuit of playing better for my dream means and this was really AWESOME.

Playing better is the essence and the purpose of what ALL coaching is about.

When two people are talking together in deep conversation with purpose, permission and presence – as happens in a coaching relationship – it can take on a life all its own. With your words you can speak your dream into existence and create the new version of YOU needed to fulfill your dream.

I truly believe that the idea of playing life is the most natural, effective and joyful way to live. I also believe that the human spirit of play is the most untapped resource in the world today.

You may have wondered: Why is the life I imagine so difficult to realise? Why is everything so complicated? Scientists discovered that if you have a dream you need to truly believe and align your energy to that dream. If is not happening it means that the energy is not aligned.

I have a great news for you, during the coaching sessions there comes magic.

Let’s align your energy, let’s play together!

It is the moment to drive real growth and top performance for yourself, your team and your next dream event.

The Energy Alignment Game

Programs for individuals
3 Months Duration
12 Transformational Coaching Sessions
Assessment tools for measuring your well-being progress
Constant Evaluation
E-mail and Text Correspondence between sessions
Programs for companies
3 Months Duration
Maximize employee's poential
Coaching emplyees to manage new positions
Coaching employees to improve performance
Coaching employees on leadership and management
Assessment tools for measuring your employee's well-being progress
Constant Evaluation
E-mail and Text Correspondence between sessions