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Who am I?

I am a lucky and loved mum and a human that has a lot to offer to everyone who would have the curiosity to find the thrive for personal life and to experience a top professional consultancy for the business from your life.
I am playing in Consultancy field for more than 10 years, I am lucky enoughto share that I played together with the best lawyers, demanding customers, big companies and challenging worldwide contexts that were really growth opportunities for me: 2010 crises brought me out to one of the best Law Firm from Romania, working closely to Labour department and 2020 crises which revealed the desire to grow my own business based on personal experiences and market needs. The big win of this COVID crisis is the experience that I am getting through attending one of the first coaching schools in the world.


What I can offer you?

A full experience for your Human Recourses department: Legislative consultancy, Comp & Ben, Recruitment, full HR consultancy, personnel retention strategies and growth, personnel administration and comparisons with market trends and a fascinating journey where you will discover a lot about you and the desire of your heart, exploring together my coaching programs. If your project needs more than one person I will coordinate with top freelance professionals from the Romanian market.


Why schedule a coffee talk
with me?

Because you will have the chance to discover a lot of things about you, about what you really want and which is the desire of your heart both in your business and in your life. So, if you are a company that needs transformational processes or if you are a person who is dreaming big…Let’s play together! 

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