Hi, I am Simona.

I’m very happy that you are here, curious and enthusiast to meet me.

I love to play big, I would say that I am continuously looking for challenges, the best growth opportunity that I have ever experienced.

I am providing top field services for more than 15 years, I played with Romania top lawyers and with demanding customers. I provided high quality and efficient HR advice and support to directors, senior management and managers, I lead projects that covered full HR consultancy services from recruiting, compensation & benefits, legal HR expertise, I have created policies and strategies for diversity, wellbeing and more, not least strategies that align with company’s goals and visions.

I am passionate about creating an engaging environment for people to thrive in and to become part of your business. I was lucky enough to create with Romania’s top professionals from the early years of my career.

Since 2023 I am also a PPC level coach, certificated by ICF, this means that I have more than 900 one to one coaching seasons in the last 2 years. With this Professional Certified Coach designation, the ICF authority recognise that I have demonstrated knowledge and proficient use of core coaching skills through a comprehensive application and evaluation process designed to ensure high standards forthe coaching profession and the clients I am serving. I am proud and grateful that I have learned the art of coaching with the best coaches in the world, at CoachVille School (America).

I have a big dream that is started to be the current mission of my life. I want that all the people around me to discover how amazing is to dream and to make those dreams come true, because if you never dream, you will never know the endless possibilities of what you can become.

Simply imagine that ANY DREAM OF YOU can BECOME REALITY.

Are you thriving to have a new carrier? We will discover together your superpowers and ways to get there.

Are you thinking to build your own business? We will define, design and plan together all the steps and actions to create and have fun.

I am here to support you to play REALLY BIG. I will assure you that you will have a fantastic experience.So, if your intention is to grow your business, to develop your career, to change something in your life or simply to have some sincere conversations with the real you, please contact me and let’s co-create together I would be delighted to be part of your dream.